My Favorites: Create your own mini-website!

One of the fastest ways to find your way around the AMA website is to create your own mini-version of the site – a “My Favorites” list.




Creating a list of your most visited pages is easy.

1. Log on to the website:

  • Go to the gold “Member Sign-in” box at the top right of the site.
  • Enter your AMA member number and website password. If you need help logging in, please visit Login help.

2. Create your favorites list!

  • As you move around the site, you’ll see a gold “Add to favorites” bar at the bottom of every web page you visit.
  • To create a favorite, simply click on the bar.
  • Click on the blue link to “My AMA” at the top left of the website to see your favorite web pages listed in alphabetical order.

Now, whenever you log on to the “My AMA” page, you can just click on a favorites’ link to go directly to that web page.

Just follow the same process to add more favorites at any time.


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