Do you use the Health Screen in ACT10N or "TOP Ten" checklist as a reminder for screening?

March 7, 2014

If you answered yes, the checklist is out-of-date and should be replaced by the Alberta Screening and Prevention (ASaP) Maneuver Menu. Toward Optimized Practice (TOP) has committed to continually updating the ASaP Maneuver Menu and accompanying documents as new evidence is available.

The Health Screen in ACT10N (HSiA) campaign was introduced in 2007 to improve the preventative screening process in Alberta family physician practices through the use of a checklist. The ASaP initiative builds on the success of HSiA and focuses on supporting physicians and nurse practitioners to offer a screening and prevention bundle to all their patients.

However, whether or not you participate in all aspects of ASaP, we encourage you to use the ASaP Maneuver Menu to guide your screening and prevention activities.

To help you with the transition from HSiA to ASaP, here are a few tips for adjusting the tools in your electronic medical record (EMR):

  • Wolf Users: Check your parameters for your preventative screening Practice Search Rules. Take care to ensure the colorectal cancer screening Rules accommodate the new FIT test. Evaluate the items, target ranges and interval of the items in the flowsheets you may have created.
  • Med Access Users: Many clinics implemented TOP10 Act10n Goals. Compare your Goal criteria to the ASaP Maneuver Menu focusing on the maneuvers, age and intervals. Colorectal cancer screening Goals also needs to accommodate the new FIT test.
  • Healthquest Users: If you have been using the TOP Health Screen in Action Form, consider switching to the ASaP Chart Note.
  • All EMRs: To effectively screen for CV Risk, all EMRs have a built in tool that calculates risk. It may be called a Cardiac Risk worksheet, Framingham calculator or CVD Risk.

Additional EMR resources and tools are available on the ASaP EMR Knowledge Resources webpage. For more information about the ASaP initiative, visit


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