Schedule of Medical Benefits

D'Arcy A. Shade, Consultant, Fees and Allocation, Alberta Medical Association

The SOMB lists all the health services that physicians are able to bill for their services and the rules that govern billing. 

The AMA offers the online Fee Navigator® billing tool which displays the Schedule of Medical Benefits in a convenient format. It includes billing tips and other reference material for billing purposes.

In this section, find billing help related to the SOMB:

AMA Fee Navigator®

The AMA Fee Navigator® is an enhanced, easy-to-use version of the Schedule of Medical Benefits supplemented by expert, trusted AMA billing advice and tip.

Billing Corner

The AMA's Billing Corner keeps members up to date on billing changes.   


April: We updated the March 2020 Billing Corner with new billing information learned over the past couple of weeks. Additionally, we have split the Billing Corner documents into two, one just for Virtual Care and the other just for March 31 changes.

View previous editions of Billing Corner


Access the Schedule of Medical Benefits (a link to the document on Alberta Health's website)

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