COVID-19 vaccination in community clinics

Thank you for your interest in providing the COVID-19 vaccine in your clinic and taking on this important role in vaccinating Albertans.

If your clinic would like to provide this vaccine, there are some mandatory storage, handling and reporting requirements unique to the COVID-19 vaccine for your clinic to meet before gaining access to the vaccine. Since vaccines are so readily available, demand is low and it can be a challenge to find enough patients to use all doses in a vial. With that being said, clinics have an important role in discussing COVID-19 vaccination with their patients.

This program is generally targeted to clinics offering typical primary care in the community. Non primary care clinics interested in administering the COVID-19 or flu vaccine can contact

Mandatory Requirements:

Please note that requirements for administering the influenza vaccine are different than the COVID-19 vaccine. Please have everybody who will be involved in the COVID-19 vaccination effort in your clinic review and discuss the following requirements. Each step must be completed before proceeding with the next one.

  1. Clinic has a vaccine-appropriate refrigerator onsite.
  2. Clinic/partnership can report immunizations using an active Immunization Direct Submission Mechanism (IDSM) or Okaki PHIX account.
  3. Once the above two steps have taken place, all interested clinics are required to register for an Alberta Vaccine Inventory (AVI) account, specific to the COVID-19, pneumococcal and Influenza vaccines for ordering, reconciliation, and reporting of wastage, if they do not have one set up already.

    For help finding the facility number, consult this document. If still having trouble, clinics who need assistance finding their three- or six-digit facility ID number can email:
  4. All clinic team members confirm they understand and will comply with the requirements outlined within the Immunization Regulation, and Alberta Health’s program policies detailed below:
    • Alberta Vaccine Storage & Handling for COVID-19 Vaccine
      • Pay very close attention to this document. Expiry dates listed in AVI and on the vials only apply to ultra-frozen vaccines, not refrigerated vials. Unopened Pfizer can be stored in your refrigerator for up to 31 days, Moderna can be refrigerated for up to 30 days.
    • Weekly reconciliation in AVI is required when the clinic is open and has supply, regardless of whether vaccine was administered that week. Clinics are required to complete their weekly reconciliation every Monday by 9 p.m.
    • Daily reporting of vaccinations in IDSM is required for every day a COVID-19 vaccine was administered.
    • Active Surveillance and Reporting of Adverse Events following COVID-19 Immunization including use of Report Adverse Events Following Immunization form.
    • Clinic can demonstrate they are capable of administering immunizations and have experience with reconstituting and using multi-dose vials
  5. All participating clinic team members have read the recommended content in this checklist to help them to meet the above policies and regulations.
  6. If you have met all of the above requirements, and you would like to proceed, please send an email to confirming that your clinic team has met and understands all of the mandatory requirements for becoming a COVID-19 vaccinating clinic, and that you would like the COVID-19 vaccine added to your order set in AVI. We will let Alberta Health know, and the COVID-19 vaccine will be added to your AVI order set in 1-2 days.


If you have any questions, please email

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