Community physician vaccine distribution plan

Expression of Interest

Two options are available for community physicians and their partners to express interest in participating in the Alberta effort to deliver COVID-19 vaccinations.

For non-AMA member physicians, please request a form here. For partners such as PCNs wishing to submit an expression of interest, please work with a lead physician to log in to complete the online EOI form.

Before proceeding with either option, please read through and understand the mandatory requirements.

Option 1

Physicians may administer vaccinations at an AHS Rapid Flow Site (not unlike how COVID-19 swabbing occurs). If you have already provided your information to AHS, it is requested that you provide the information again by completing Option 1 of the EOI form.

Option 2

Physicians may offer a community clinic/site, perhaps in conjunction with partners such as your Primary Care Network or pharmacy. If you wish to explore this option please be familiar with the mandatory requirements before completing Option 2 of the EOI form.

Mandatory Requirements:

  • All health practitioners in the physician applicant clinic confirm they understand and will comply with the requirements outlined within the Immunization Regulation, including:
    • Storage, handling, and transport requirements;
    • Reporting immunization information requirements; and,
    • Reporting of adverse event following immunization requirements.
  • All health practitioners in the physician applicant clinic confirm they understand and will comply with the Alberta Health’s program policies including:
  • Clinic/partnership can enter and submit immunizations using the Immunization Direct Submission Mechanism (IDSM). Same day reporting of immunization activities is highly preferred for management of the provincial vaccine supply and reporting. Immunizations must be reported within 7-days per the Immunization Regulation. 
  • Clinic/partnership has access to the Alberta Vaccine Inventory (AVI) for daily vaccine inventory reconciliation to identify vaccine supply available and reporting of wastage.
  • The clinic/partnership can demonstrate they are capable of administering immunizations and have experience with reconstituting and using multi-dose vials.
  • All physicians in the applicant clinic understand that COVID-19 vaccine must only be administered on site in the clinic setting due to handling, storage, and transport requirements.
  • The clinic/partnership acknowledges the COVID-19 Immunization Program may be a start / stop program based on vaccine supply and are responsible for informing their patients of changes to their immunization appointments. 

Complete the Expression of Interest form

*Please note, this form is undergoing continual improvement. The current release does not allow the ability to save a draft or edit after submission. If you have any questions or issues, please let us know at

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