COVID vaccine facts

*This advice is current as of March 23, 2021.Content is subject to change as new information becomes available. Please check back regularly.

Vaccines are a critical way to limit the spread of COVID-19. They are effective and safe. Immunization protects your health, as well as the health of your loved ones and the community.

  • Primary care providers and patients can be confident. Standards of safety, efficacy, and quality have not been compromised to expedite the approval of COVID-19 vaccines.
  • The vaccines were produced faster than before because of never-before-seen levels of collaboration and funding around the world invested in this effort.
  • Health Canada oversight of COVID-19 vaccines will NOT stop at approval. Health Canada will monitor the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness now and into the future.
  • The use of mRNA for vaccines and treatment of disease has been around for a while – that’s one of the reasons why these vaccines could be developed so quickly.
  • After a vaccine is approved for use, evidence on safety and effectiveness is reviewed by the National Advisory Committee on Immunization who provide recommendations on immunizations for individuals and for public health programs. 

About COVID-19 Vaccines

Which COVID-19 vaccines are approved for use in Canada?

To date, four products are approved by Health Canada:

PEER COVID-19 Rapid Review - December 21, 2020
Summary of clinical trial and biological information on the three main COVID-19 Vaccines. Adapted by Kolber/Nickonchuk from Tools for Practice: COVID Vaccine.

As more vaccines become approved or as phase 3 trial results are published, we will update this content.

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