2014-15 recipients

The Alberta Medical Association's (AMA's) Health Issues Council (HIC) has committed funds to support a grant program for health advocacy initiatives of medical students and resident physicians. This program, the Emerging Leaders in Health Promotion Grant Program, provides funding toward health promotion projects.

The following Emerging Leaders in Health Promotion Grant Program projects received funding in 2014-15.


Early in March 2014, as they began the initial research with clinicians of refugee clinics for their Emerging Leaders in Health Promotion (ELiHP) grant program project – CalgaryRefugeeHealth.com – Dr. Varun Suresh, project lead, and his project team members, Dr. Misha Bawa, Dr. Haotian Wang and Dr. Richard Chan, quickly realized the under-served health issue that their ELiHP project could address.

Addictions & Teenagers: Junior High Health Promotion

Do you remember the last time you were approached on the street and offered drugs? Probably not. But many 12-year-olds attending Edmonton’s inner city Spruce Avenue Junior High School are unfortunately all-too-familiar with this situation, because it’s an almost daily occurrence.

Helping Edmonton seniors to become more health savvy

While the public health agency of Canada has identified seniors’ health as a health promotion priority, Dr. Aditi Amin, internal medicine resident at the University of Alberta, doesn’t need official recognition of this significantly underserved health care demographic to know the seriousness of the matter. She sees evidence of it every day in the course of her residency.

The Strengths of our Community: A Photovoice Project by Youth in Maskwacis, Alberta

With her Emerging Leaders in Health Promotion (ELiHP) project – The Strengths of Our Community: A Photovoice Project by Youth in Maskwacis, Alberta – Elaine Chiu, Candidate Class of 2017, University of Alberta (U of A), leveraged a kernel of an idea hatched over a Saturday afternoon coffee.

Teaching CPR at Community Sports Events

There are lots of things that are good to know how to do. Like how to change a tire, how to (properly) wash the laundry, how to make a cake from scratch, or the big one … how to potentially save a life.

Connecting with Nature

With her Connecting with Nature ELiHP project, third-year University of Calgary medical student and Emerging Leaders in Health Promotion grant (ELiHP) recipient and project lead, Venessa Shaneman sought to address an important health concern: According to a recent Statistics Canada finding, children self-report spending an average of six hours per weekday in front of a screen.

Lungs are for Life Smoking Prevention Program and Workshop Kit

As a result of her 2014-15 Emerging Leaders in Health Promotion (ELiHP) Grant project, second-year University of Calgary medical student Alicja Krol-Kennedy knows all about the power of a pig’s lungs, particularly as they served to demonstrate the effects of smoking as part of her Lungs are for Life Smoking Prevention Program and Workshop Kit.

Promoting health in American Sign Language

Recipient:  Dr. Jessica Dunkley, resident in public health and preventative medicine, University of Alberta

Project description:  Language access to learn about injury prevention, sexual health, healthy living, healthy pregnancies is lacking for deaf people.  This project will provide access to health promotion information that is non-existent for the deaf community.

RAD (rural adolescent) sexual health workshops

Recipient:  Dr. Christine East, resident in family medicine, University of Alberta 

Project description:  This project will provide school-based sexual health workshops specifically focusing on normalizing sexual health care, emphasizing the confidentiality and accessibility of health services for teens and describing locally available resources.  The emphasis will be on demystifying sexual health care and encouraging uptake rather than specific birth control methods or STIs.

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