Alberta Medical Foundation president's annual report

Presented to the membership of the Alberta Medical Foundation (AMA Board) at the AGM April 12, 2019, Edmonton.


  • Dr. Melanie Stapleton (President)
  • Dr. Frank Stahnisch (Vice-President)
  • Dr. Dawna M. Gilchrist (Secretary-Treasurer)


  • Dr. Guy R. Blais
  • Dr. J. Robert Lampard
  • Dr. John A. Bachynsky
  • Dr. Amy Samson

AMA Secretariat

  • Mavis A. Stoyko (administration)
  • Cameron N. Plitt (accounting/financial)

AMF activities in the past year

Activities of the AMF over the past year included:

    1. Continued and increased support of the history of medicine programs at the Universityof Calgary.

    2. Continued support of the History of Medicine Days Conference in Calgary.

    3. Continuation of Library grants to U of A and U of C.

    4. The Margaret Hutton History of Medicine and Health Care Student Research Grant
      This award was introduced in 2013 to support student research in the history of medicine in Alberta. In 2018, a $5,000 grant has been awarded to Anzo Nguyen, a first-year neurosciences student at the University of Calgary, to carry out research on the impact of European emigre neuroscientists on Canadian neurological institutions since the l 930's.

    5. The AMF Project Grant
      This grant has been developed to support original research in history of medicine and health care in Alberta. The 2018 award for $10,000 has been awarded to Dennis Slater, Archivist/Curator of the AHS Historical Collections, for his research on the history of fort medicine in Alberta.

    6. Ongoing work, with the assistance of the AMA, into updating the role and function of the AMF
      This has included an examination of the purpose, activities, and terms of reference of the AMF, as well as exploring alternative ways of providing this service within the AMA. With changes to regulations regarding charitable work since the foundation of the AMF, there may be more cost effective ways of fulfilling our mandate. We are awaiting legal opinions on the options available to us under the umbrella of the AMA.


The finances of the AMF benefit greatly from the AMA continuing to assume responsibility for investment, auditing and legal costs. As well, the AMF continues to benefit from donations solicited via a line item in the AMA annual dues notice since 2010. AMA members continue to donate generously year after year. We again thank the AMA for providing this financial assistance and facilitation of donations, and we sincerely thank the membership of the AMA for their ongoing generosity.

In closing, the AMF wishes to express their appreciation to Mavis Stoyko, Cameron Plitt, Vic Taylor and the staff of the Alberta Medical Association for their excellent work in keeping the AMF smoothly running.

Respectfully submitted
Melanie P. Stapleton MD FRCPC
President, Alberta Medical Foundation

The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.