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The CMA has many ways for you to get involved, both in person and online:

  • Join the MD-MP Contact Program or CMA's other advocacy initiatives.
  • Develop your skills through Leadership training.
  • Share your opinions on matters of importance to the profession with the CMA's Member e-Panel.
  • Volunteer for a task force, committee, or working group.
  • Invite the CMA to your event through the Member Outreach Program.

Get involved with the CMA

The CMA Annual Meeting is held each August. Members attend business sessions that consider critical issues referred by General Council.

The annual meeting includes:

  • Ceremonial session: CMA installs the president, elects its officers, presents awards and confers honorary and senior memberships.
  • Members’ Forum: Turns the floor of General Council over to member observers and members joining online, so that they can ask CMA leaders questions about issues of concern.
  • Open invitation to members: For the past several years, invitations have been sent to member physicians of the host and surrounding provinces to attend and observe the meeting at no cost.

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