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    Are you missing out on billing when providing WCB services?

    In general, when submitting claims to WCB for work related illness/injury, physicians follow the same rules that apply to Alberta Health billing.

    However, WCB-related services may be “unbundled," which means that:

    • Visits are payable in addition to the procedure regardless of diagnostic code or service location.
    • All services provided at the same encounter are payable at 100%.
    • No inclusive care periods for procedures – (all pre and post procedure visits are payable including suture removal which is claimed as a visit).
    • Tray services are billed separately.
    • Business Cost Program (BCP) services are billed separately:
      • 1 unit for every visit service (03.03A CMGP03 = 4 calls of BCP01/02).
      • CP01: Locations other than Calgary or Airdrie.
      • BCP01: Locations other than Calgary or Airdrie.
      • BCP02: Calgary and Airdrie.