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    Health Service Code 13.99BA

    Periodic Papanicolaou Smear for patients between the ages of 21 and 69

    1. Two Papanicolaou smears may be claimed per patient, per physician, per year (April 1 of one year to March 31 of the following year). Additional claims may be submitted with supporting information.
    2. May be claimed in addition to a visit or consultation.
    3. When clinically indicated, Papanicolaou smears may be claimed for those patients not meeting the age requirements. In those instances, text must be submitted explaining the specific circumstance.
    4. May not be claimed at the same encounter as HSC 13.99BD or 13.99BE.
    Common terms:
    • pap
    Category:T Test
    Base rate:$29.07

    AMA billing tips:

    • Effective March 1, 2023, claims for 13.99BA are payable without text for all genders.

    Fee modifiers:

    TypeCode# of callsExplicitActionAmount
    BMIBMIPROYesIncrease By25%

    Governing Rules:

    • 2.5.2

      Unless otherwise specified in this Schedule, HSCs designated with a T category code may be claimed with visits and consultations on the same day.