AMA dr2dr Secure Messaging

With AMA dr2dr Secure Messaging, physicians and their staff can confidentially and securely refer patients and exchange patient information.

Your AMA dr2dr account

As part of the new service delivery model for AMA dr2dr Secure Messaging, all AMA members have been provided with a secure messaging account at no charge for the duration of the (extended) free trial period, which expires October 2017.

Activate your account or opt-out

In association with providing all members with AMA dr2dr accounts, the new service delivery model provides account holders with the option to either "Activate" their account or "Opt Out".

You're invited ... AMA dr2dr Address Book

A new feature of the AMA dr2dr Address Book is the "Invite" option. This option enables a current (active) user to send a system "Invite" message to a physician colleague noted in the Address Book as having an "inactive" status, to initiate (or activate) his/her AMA dr2dr account and begin communicating securely.

Along with the extension of the free trial period and providing accounts to all members, the Address Book "Invite" option is a direction supported by the AMA Board of Directors for the purpose of helping to build the critical mass of users necessary to achieve optimal value from AMA dr2dr Secure Messaging.

NOTE: Email addresses will not be displayed or accessible and system invites cannot be sent to physicians who have opted out of AMA dr2dr. If you would like your name removed from the AMA dr2dr Address Book, please call 1.844.56.DR2DR (37237) and request removal.  

Manage your AMA dr2dr account

Your AMA dr2dr account can be accessed and managed through:

Watch MD Scope for regular updates on AMA dr2dr Secure Messaging.

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For more information on AMA dr2dr Secure Messaging, contact:

Caroline Garland
Secure Messaging Lead
Alberta Medical Association

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