About dr2dr Secure Messaging

As of January 2018, the AMA has dissolved its dr2dr partnership with Microquest. View the details here.

Please see below for archived information regarding dr2dr.

Why secure messaging?

It's become a common call from health care providers and the AMA has heard it: Alberta physicians need a secure platform for electronically communicating confidential patient information with each other, and with other health care providers.

Alberta Health, the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta and the AMA have expressed significant concerns regarding insecure e‑communications among health care providers using fax machines, text messaging and email. In addition, per the Health Quality Council of Alberta report (Continuity of Patient Care Study, December 2013), there is a need to address the continuity of care gaps that so often result from inefficient and ineffective e-communications. 

How does it work?

Accessed from your smart phone, laptop or desktop computer, AMA dr2dr Secure Messaging enables physicians and approved staff to communicate through the secure messaging system, forward attachments (such as patient histories and lab results) and link to patient records.

With AMA dr2dr Secure Messaging, physicians and their staff can confidentially and securely refer patients and exchange patient information, knowing that the system they’re using complies with all relevant industry privacy and security regulations.

Benefits in numbers

The more physicians that are on the AMA dr2dr system and the more frequently they use it, the greater the benefits they’ll experience. Increased usage will support lower clinic costs; a more affordable health care system; and more opportunity for connected physicians to encourage innovation and initiate the development of related, online practice support tools, such as EMR integration and ultimately, secure e-communications with patients.


Access Microquest's AMA dr2dr Support Resources, including technical support (online and phone), information on training sessions (online and in-person), YouTube training videos, FAQs, support documentation and more.

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