AMA Amending Agreement Activity

1. Representation on the Provincial Academic Strategy Committee and the Provincial Academic Alternative Relationship Plan (AARP) Operations Committee

2. Appropriateness and Evidence-Based Improvements Committee

3. Development and Implementation of a new Peer Review process to encourage appropriate billing practices and complement AH’s audit and compliance activities.

4. Development and implementation of a blended capitation ARP for primary care physicians

5. Development and implementation of a Central Patient Attachment Registry (CPAR) & Provider Registry

6. Implement a data sharing agreement between AH and AMA

7. Development of an integrated care delivery strategy

8. The PCC will deal with matters of physician compensation within the strategic requirements established by the Management Committee:

  • Implementation of phased-in fee reductions
  • Update the physician business cost model
  • Standardized Intra-Sectional Relative Value (S-INRV)
  • Allocation 2017
  • ANDI model development

9. Establish a new governance structure for Primary Care Networks (PCN Framework)

10. Development of a needs-based physician resource plan

11. Reconciliation Committee activity

12. Schedule of Medical Benefits (SOMB) rules redevelopment project

13. Representation of physician groups under the Strategic Agreement between the AMA and AHS

The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.