Update on KRA 3, System partnership and leadership

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The AMA supports members in their role as leaders within the health care system. This includes supporting physician leadership in developing innovations in care delivery and integration of primary and specialty care. Other activities include the AMA’s key role, with Alberta Health (AH) through the AMA Agreement, in developing and implementing the physician payment strategy for the province; several programs aimed at quality improvement; activities related to eHealth; and supporting the development of physician leadership skills.

Goal 1 - Working with Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services and other partners, lead and influence positive change in the delivery of services

Goal 2 - Key incentives and supports for physicians are aligned with the delivery of care and toward overall system objectives of timely access for patients to quality care

Goal 3 - Physicians and the AMA, in partnership with patients, play a leadership role in advocating and promoting a system characterized by Patients First®

The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.