Mid-year update: A Healthy AMA

Achieving the goals under the three Key Results Areas requires a healthy, vibrant and sustainable AMA. For the coming year, we will focus on the following core organizational capabilities:





  • Review the KRA’s and goals relative to the new vision


  • A preliminary review indicates that the current KRA’s remain relevant. The board will review the KRA’s and goals as part of the annual business planning process.

  • Implement the Governance Review report recommendations
  • Most recommendations have been completed and the final two recommendations are being implemented.

  • Support the development of a specialist alliance/forum
  • The Specialist Care Alliance is active and considering a variety of topics including income equity and integration.


  • Continue to integrate and expand physician support programs
  • Efforts continue to fully integrate physician support programs to more effectively and efficiently align with provincial strategies.

  • Complete a staff compensation review
  • Complete the scope & options summary by Q3 and commence work based on outcome.


  • Sustainable operations and fully funded reserves
  • The AMA has fully funded reserves and a strong financial foundation to meet coming demands.


  • Effective stewards of AMA Agreement funding
  • AMA Agreement funding is being managed in accordance with grant agreements under the financial oversight of the Committee on Financial Audit.


  • Review ongoing activities for alignment with organizational goals and steward the use of one-time reserves to support activity
  • All activities will be assessed as part of the annual business planning process to ensure that resources are focused on the activities of most value to members.


  • Strengthen relationships with system leaders towards building an integrated health system
  • The profession’s formal and informal participation across the system is helping to build the integrated health system envisioned by the profession.

  • Improve the AMA’s ability to provide input into government policy development
  • The profession is formally recognized under the amending agreement in a variety of policy areas and is influencing policy development.

  • Leverage the patient portal to inform AMA decision making.
  • The board is using the patient portal to better understand patient’s perspectives on key health issues.


  • Implement the insight and engagement strategy approved by the board
  • A member engagement measurement system has been developed and new engagement and analytic tools are being added regularly.

  • Complete a comprehensive data security review
  • A comprehensive assessment of the AMA’s information, security and privacy framework is underway.

  • Improve capabilities and opportunities for member engagement
  • New engagement tools including discussion boards have been launched.

The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.