Mid-year update: A Healthy AMA

Achieving the goals under the three Key Results Areas requires a healthy, vibrant and sustainable AMA. For the coming year, we will focus on the following core organizational capabilities:



1. Governance

  • Implement the recommendations of the Governance Review Group approved by the RF.
    Staff, with board direction is implementing the various governance review recommendations. A number of changes were introduced at the fall RF (e.g. electronic voting) and further changes will be introduced in spring. New leader communication tools are under development and will be available in spring.

2. Workforce

  • Continue and complete transition to new matrix structure and ensure that program services are offered to PCNs and members in a coordinated way.
  • Implement investment choice for staff participating in the defined contribution pension plan.
  • Develop long‐term space strategy (+5 years).
    The integrated programs have completed the transition for the matrix structure, which provides a more holistic approach for working with physician groups. Additional funding made available under the Amending Agreement to support panel work, blended cap implementation and improvements to chronic disease management provide greater stability for staff involved in that activity. The Calgary office will move to its new location in May, 2017 and longer‐term plans for Edmonton space are being developed.

3. Financial

  • Sustainable operations and fully funded reserves.
  • Effective stewards of AMA Agreement funding.
    Board reserves are fully funded, and the organization is strongly positioned to respond to demands coming out of the Amending Agreement.

4. Relationships

  • Strengthen relationships with system leaders towards building an integrated health system.
  • Improve the AMA’s ability to provide input into government policy development.
    The Amending Agreement has created a vehicle to strengthen and develop relationships with government and amongst physician groups. The association is actively seeking member input on important new Amending Agreement initiatives (e.g. member and section input on SOMB rule changes), and working hard to ensure members are informed as the many initiatives move forward.

5. Knowledge

  • Implement the insight and engagement strategy approved by the board.
    With board oversight, staff is moving forward on a number of insight and engagement initiatives including, development of a leader communication tool, enhancements to analytics capabilities and improvements in capabilities to provide sections with billing information. Also, effective December 22, 2016, an information sharing agreement between AMA and AH is in place, giving the AMA better access to the anonymized billing information which will support a number of physician compensation, peer review and integration of care initiatives.

The Alberta Medical Association stands as an advocate for its physician members, providing leadership & support for their role in the provision of quality health care.