A Healthy AMA and 2018-19 Operating Budget

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Healthy AMA Activities

1. Governance

  • Support the introduction of an AMHSP constituency within the RF.
  • Clarify the roles of regional delegates and ZMSA’s within the AMA’s governance, and enhance the support available to regional delegates to engage their constituents.
  • Enhance strategic planning capabilities through a deliberate and structured approach.

2. Workforce

  • Redevelop AMA change management programs including the ARP PMO to better meet the needs of physicians.
  • Identify a sustainable AMA resourcing plan to support enhanced representation rights as contemplated under the Second Amending Agreement.
  • Complete a job evaluation process review and implement an organization wide staff engagement initiative.
  • Complete an operational review to ensure appropriate alignment and sustainability of services across the association.

3. Financial

  • Sustainable operations and fully funded reserves.
  • Effective stewards of AMA Agreement funding.
  • Monitor the use of one-time reserves to support activity.

4. Relationships

  • Review the government affairs program and implement improvements.
  • Review the relationship with the CMA and pursue opportunities that benefit members.

5. Knowledge

  • Continue improving our scanning capabilities and approaches for providing the board with greater insight.
  • Incorporate a more deliberate approach to assessing changes in the environment that could have a profound impact on the role of the AMA and how it relates to members.
  • Continue work on the development of a comprehensive internal information management platform (Compass) that consolidates data across the AMA and becomes the foundation for future knowledge initiatives.

2018-19 Operating Budget

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