Administration requirements for VCUR 2008 invoice-based reimbursement

VCUR 2008 reimbursements will be processed within 30 days from the time the request for reimbursement is received. Upon receipt, the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) will review the reimbursement form for completeness and match the invoices to the form to process the payment.

Please note that incomplete submissions will not be processed and the clinic/physician will be notified if there is a problem. Physicians will receive a statement detailing the reimbursement they receive.

The AMA will not process reimbursement forms that are more than six months old.

The steps for requesting a reimbursement are:

  1. Collect all of the eligible invoices received in the month for the clinic. Review the VCUR 2008 Eligible Items list to ensure the costs are eligible.
  2. Complete the VCUR 2008 Reimbursement Form. If more room is required, attach the “Additional Physician Information” sheet. Clinics should submit all invoices for the calendar month together with one form.
    • List all of the expenses with a brief description of the expense.
    • Fees that are paid once to cover several months will be reimbursed for the full period unless partial payment is requested. If a physician moves after full payment has been made, no credit will be provided.
    • List all physicians on the reimbursement form. For the reimbursement calculation, the costs will be divided equally among all of the physicians unless alternate percentages are provided.
    • Attach copies of the invoices and ensure they are legible.
    • Sign the form to authorize payment.
    • Ensure the reimbursement form is completely filled out, all invoices are attached and that they are all readable. Incomplete submissions will not be processed.
  3. Submit in one of the following three ways:
    • Email: (preferred method) Attention: VCUR 2008 EMR Funding Extension Program
    • Fax: 780.482.5445
    • Mail:
      VCUR 2008 EMR Funding Extension Program
      12230 106 Ave NW
      Edmonton AB T5N 3Z1

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