Clinics funded under the clinic funding pilot

  1. Clinics eligible for clinic funding must follow the general guidelines and meet the following eligibility requirements:
    • Clinics must have been approved through the pilots conducted by POSP.
    • The clinic must have achieved Milestone 3 (Go-Live) and been using a VCUR 2008 EMR solution by January 31, 2014.
    • The clinic must have signed an offer to participate.
    • The clinic must be still using a VCUR 2008 EMR solution.
    • The clinic must have at least one physician who is in good standing with the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta and is providing insured services within the province of Alberta.
  2. Eligible clinic funded clinics may receive funding up to their maximum contract value established at M3 (Go-Live) or through subsequent amendments approved as of August 15, 2013. There will be no annual reassessments of clinic funded clinics during the term of the VCUR 2008 EMR Funding Extension Program.

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