Introducing... MyHealth Records patient portal!

A secure online portal providing Albertans with access to personal health information

January 17, 2019

Vanda Killeen: MD Scope

On December 14, in a joint AMA/CPSA message, AMA President, Dr. Alison Clarke and CPSA Registrar, Dr. Scott McLeod shared that the Alberta government will be introducing MyHealth Records. MyHealth Records is a secure online portal that will provide Albertans with access to some of their personal health information. The AMA is very pleased to see this launched; we have advocated for many years that patients need access to their own health data.

MyHealth Records will be launching soon, and Albertans who register as users will have access to a variety of personal health information or data, including:

  • Medications dispensed from a community pharmacy;
  • Most immunizations administered in Alberta; and
  • The results of 59 common lab tests.

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