New app will let Albertans see their own health records

January 29, 2019

Jennifer Lee: CBC News

Alberta Health is set to launch a new tool, in the coming weeks, that will give patients access to some of their personal health information online.

The MyHealth Record portal is designed to be used on computers, tablets or smartphones and the province confirms it is in the final consultation process with physicians and other health care providers.

According to a web page for health care professionals, patients will be able to view some lab tests — including results for cholesterol, iron, kidney and liver function — immunization records and their medication history. Lab results are expected to come with links to information about the tests and the results.

"I think it'll be a very positive thing for patients," said Dr. Ted Jablonski, a Calgary-based family physician whose clinic often takes calls from patients who want to find out about their lab work.

"A patient now can look at their own personal data and not have to phone a clinic or get something faxed [or emailed]... Everything takes a lot of time...This is so efficient and so advanced."

Jablonski says the portal — which will also let patients upload and track information from health devices such as glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors and fitness trackers — will be particularly helpful for people who have a diagnosed health condition and want to stay on top of it.

"They want to know … I'm putting in all this effort, I'm on these meds, am I doing better in real terms?"

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