EMR Support Services - Update September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014

Alberta Health and the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) have been working together to develop a continuance of basic EMR support services through the Alberta Health EHR Deployment team. These are a subset of the services previously offered by the Physician Office System Program (POSP), and have been provided by the AMA on an interim basis.

AMA interim EMR support services will end September 1, 2014. (This does NOT affect the Funding Extension Program administered by the AMA under which eligible physicians continue to receive POSP funding for their EMRs to the maximum coverage.)

Beginning September 1, 2014, access the Alberta Health EHR Deployment Team by:

• Phone: 1-866-756-2647
• E-mail: health.ehrdeployment@gov.ab.ca

Below are the services that will be available:

Operations Advisory Services

  • Provide information on potential EMR vendor systems and material resources to help you choose an EMR
  • Support the creation and submission of the Provincial Organizational Readiness Assessment (pORA). Liaise with vendor to help resolve issues related to your EMR
  • Direct physicians to documentation on moving to new clinics, starting their own clinics, retiring, leaving the province, changing to a locum and/or changing EMRs

Data Migration and Retention Advisory Services

  • Provide documentation around data migration and retention
  • Provide advisory support for data migration and retention activities

Privacy and Security Advisory Services

  • Raise awareness of provincial requirements for electronic record management
  • Refer your privacy and security questions to the appropriate resource/s
  • Provide access to online privacy and security training hosted by AMA and OIPC

Training and Learning Advisory Services

  • Conduct training assessment and recommendations for your clinic training plan (EMR, privacy and security, EHR)
  • Access to the EHR Learning Centre (all of the documents and materials developed by POSP)
  • Access to online privacy and security training hosted by AMA and OIPC

Support that will no longer be available:

  • PIA Support (physicians will be responsible for completing their PIA and/or obtaining PIA consultant services)
  • Peer Program
  • Funding for Data Migration and Retention
  • Funding for Advanced Training


For more information or to access the Alberta Health EHR Deployment Team and services please contact them:

Phone: 1-866-756-2647
E-mail: health.ehrdeployment@gov.ab.ca

If you have questions about the Funding Extension Program please contact the Alberta Medical Association by phone: 780-452-1616 or email: emrfep@albertadoctors.org

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