Report from the Nominating Committee

Report to the Fall 2017 Annual General Meeting

Download the Reports to the AGM (PDF).

In accordance with the Alberta Medical Association Constitution and Bylaws, the Nominating Committee nominates candidates for office to be elected by the Annual General Meeting (AGM), to be elected by the Representative Forum (RF), and to be appointed by the Board of Directors of the association.

The Nominating Committee submits the following nominations for consideration during the AGM:

1. Representatives to CMA General Council 2018

NOTE: The president attends General Council by virtue of the position and is not included in the number of Alberta representatives allowed to attend (30). The Nominating Committee recommends that the 2018 CMA General Council representatives be:

  • President-Elect
  • Immediate Past President
  • Speaker or Deputy Speaker
  • Ten representatives named by the board
  • Ten representatives named by the Nominating Committee
  • Two physician appointees of the CPSA, at least one of whom must be an elected member of the Council
  • One dean or designate from his office
  • Two student representatives
  • Two PARA representatives

2. Speaker and Deputy Speaker 2017-18

The following members have been nominated by the Nominating Committee for election during the AGM. The nominees have agreed to stand for election as Speaker and, after the election of Speaker, the remaining will have their names stand for election as Deputy Speaker.

  • Dr. Susan J. Hutchison, General Practice, Edmonton
  • Dr. Fredrykka D. Rinaldi, General Practice, Medicine Hat
  • Dr. Daniel R. Ryan, General Practice, Edmonton

In accordance with custom, brief profiles for these candidates follow on pages 11 and 12.

3. Nominating Committee 2017-18

The Constitution and Bylaws require that the AGM elect four (4) members to the Nominating Committee.

NOTE: The Board has proposed the following changes to the bylaws pertaining to elected members to Nominating Committee, pending approval at this AGM (Sept 16):

  • The term for members elected to the Nominating Committee will be set at two years; additional terms may be served but cannot be consecutive.
  • The AGM shall identify one alternate member to attend meetings of the committee in the event an elected committee member wants to be considered as a Nominating Committee nominee for an elected position. The alternate member will serve a one-year term but cannot serve more than two consecutive one-year terms.
  • For the information of AGM, the chair will no longer automatically be the Immediate Past President. The board may select the Immediate Past President to serve as a member of Nominating Committee and will select the chair annually from within the committee (maximum two consecutive one-year terms).

Last year (2016-17), the four elected members’ terms were staggered to generate a balance between continuity/corporate memory and new ideas. The elected members were:

  • Dr. John E. Bromley, General Practice, Red Deer (one-year term 2016-17)
  • Dr. V. Michelle Warren, General Practice, Sundre (one-year term 2016-17)
  • Dr. Pauline Alakija, Anatomical Pathology, Edmonton (two-year term 2016-18)
  • Dr. Jonathan B. Choy, Cardiology, Edmonton (two-year term 2016-18)

Drs. Alakija and Choy will continue on Nominating Committee to complete their two-year terms (2016-18).

Drs. Bromley and Warren are eligible to run for election to serve a two-year term (2017-19) on Nominating Committee.

Therefore, two members are to be elected to the Nominating Committee at this AGM for two-year terms (2017-19), and one alternate member to be elected for a one-year term.

The Fall Nominating Committee meeting is Monday, October 30. Two further meetings will be scheduled in 2018.


Dr. Susan J. Hutchison
General Practice, Edmonton
2015-16 Deputy Speaker
2012-14, 2015-16 Member, RF Planning Group
2012, 2014, 2016 AMA delegate, CMA General Council
2004-07, 2010-15 RF delegate
2005-06, 2010-12, 2013-14 Member, Nominating Committee
2010-13 Member, TOP Review Committee
2009-12 Member-at-large, Section of General Practice
2003-04 Member, CMA Steering Committee on Primary Care Renewal, CMA Sustainability Task Force
2002-03 Chair, CMA Forum on General and Family Practice
Dr. Fredrykka D. Rinaldi
General Practice, Medicine Hat
2016-present Secretary-Treasurer, Section of General Practice Secretary-Treasurer, SGP Executive
2015-present Speaker
2012-present Member, Committee on Financial Audit, Council of Zonal Leaders, President, South Zone Medical Staff Association
2015-16 Member, Governance Review Group
2004-08, 2014-16 Member, SGP Executive
2012-16 Member-at-Large, Section of General Practice Member, RF Planning Group
2014-15 Deputy Speaker
2003-14 RF delegate
2000-14 AMA rep, AMA/CPSA/LSA Joint Medical-Legal Committee
2006-07, 2010-14 Member, Nominating Committee
2007-13 Member, IM/IT Coordinating Committee and Task Force
2011-12 Joint AMA/CPSA Executive
2009-12 Member, Executive Committee
2006-12 Member, Board of Directors
2003-05 Member, Ad Hoc Committee to Review AMA’s Regional Structure
1999-2004 Member, Health Issues Council
2002-03 Member, Negotiations 2003 Job Action Group
2001-02 Member, AMA/WCB Negotiating Committee
1996-97 RF delegate
2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2016 AMA delegate, CMA General Council
Dr. Daniel R. Ryan
General Practice, Edmonton
2016-present Deputy Speaker President, Section of Addiction Medicine Chair, Committee on Constitution and Bylaws Member, RF Planning Group
2015-16 President-Elect, Section of Addiction Medicine Member, Governance Review Group
2011-16 Member, Committee on Constitution and Bylaws
2004-16 RF delegate
2012-13 Member-at-large, Section of Addiction Medicine
2009-12 Deputy Speaker
2005-12 Member, RF Planning Group
2009, 2011, 2017 AMA delegate, CMA General Council
2008-10 Past President, Section of Addiction Medicine
2007-08 President, Section of Addiction Medicine Member, AADAC Projects
2005-07 President-Elect, Section of Addiction Medicine
1998-99 Member, Committee on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

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