Executive Director's Report

Michael A. Gormley, Executive Director of the AMA

Download the Reports to the AGM (PDF, 81 pages).

This report provides an overview of the AMA’s activities over the past 12 months. It serves as an important element of the accountability of the organization back to its members.

All of this work is toward the AMA’s vision of a health care system that is centered on patients and its mission of supporting physicians in their role as leaders in that system. That mission – and our resulting activities – are classified into three broad areas: Financial Health (e.g., negotiations, income and fee relativity projects, financial products such as insurance); Well Being (e.g., Physician and Family Support Program and the Youth Run Club); System Leadership and Partnership (e.g., support for Primary Care Networks, the Primary Care and Specialty Care Alliances, health informatics, etc.).

From my perspective, three themes dominated this past year.

First was to hammer down and stabilize aspects of the AMA’s position within the system that allows us to deliver value to physicians. Key among these activities has been: obtaining a commitment from government to strengthen the representation rights of physicians; the “evergreening” and stabilizing of several key programs and physician benefits; and on-going AMA participation and influence in system strategies involving service delivery, informatics and methods of funding.

Second, the stabilizing elements neither prevent nor obviate the need for change, but hopefully provide a platform from which meaningful and sustainable change can launch. Much of the year was also taken in supporting physician leaders and advancing ideas for the overall good of the health care system. This included: supporting the new primary care network governance structure; advancing the needs of physicians with respect to information management and technology; as well as working on the information and policy required to promote income and fee equity.

Third, internal structures were developed or advanced to support the work of the AMA. Three of these are listed below, all of which are well underway and will play increasingly important roles in the future.

  • The Representative Forum and Board have been backing efforts to advance diversity and inclusiveness in all aspects of the profession.
  • The development of a Specialty Care Alliance, which has worked on a number of issues including income/fee equity and improving the referral process. The combined efforts of the Primary Care Alliance and the Specialty Care Alliance are broadening the concept of the medical home into an integrated medical neighborhood.
  • Staff within key programs – PCN Program Management Office, Toward Optimized Practice and Practice Management Program – have been looking at ways to best integrate their services to meet the needs of physicians. I applaud these efforts.

You will find more details on the above in this report. Also included is an overview of the AMA’s financial position which, I am pleased to report, remains healthy.

There are two cornerstones to all of the AMA’s successes. The first is physician leadership, in the RF and Board, and throughout the system. The second is the AMA staff, with all their expertise and commitment to serve.

- Michael A. Gormley, Executive Director
Alberta Medical Association

The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.