Executive Director's Report 2016-17

Michael A. Gormley, Executive Director of the AMA

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The Alberta Medical Association is focused on meeting the needs of and supporting physicians. Unlike a private business where owners, customers, workforce and leadership are typically separate entities, within the AMA these are all captured within the membership.

Also in distinction to private business, with the sole focus on return to shareholders, the aims of a membership organization are multifaceted. Physicians play a central role within a complex health system and the range of AMA products and services reflect this. These have been categorized in three broad key result areas:

Financial Health of Physicians

We’ve undertaken an increasing number of negotiation activities (for example, the recently signed Strategic Agreement) as well as practice management support and, in partnership with the Canadian Medical Association and MD Financial Management, a broad range of financial projects.

Well Being

The AMA’s Physician and Family Support Program is a leader in this country. The AMA has also sought to play a role in supporting healthy communities (through the Youth Run Club, now in over 450 schools, and programs such as the Emerging Leaders in Health Promotion Grant Program).

System Partnership and Leadership

In areas such as primary care reform, integrated care, physician supply, payment models and informatics, the AMA seeks to bring the physician’s voice to innovations in health care.

Details of our activities in all of these areas are provided in this Annual Report. It also provides an overview of the AMA’s financial position which, I am pleased to report, remains healthy.

It has been a challenging year and one that required a willingness to change while remaining true to the profession’s fundamental principles. This requires strong leadership to keep an eye on what is most important, set a direction for the future and respectfully manage the many conflicts that are bound to arise. The AMA does this largely through a democratic structure which, in my view, continues to work very well. The AMA membership has benefitted greatly from physicians who have put themselves forward to serve on the Representative Forum, Board, section executives and numerous committees. Albertans in general have benefitted from physician leaders not only within the AMA, but also within Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services, the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta and other institutions.

Members also owe a great deal to AMA staff. They provide a high level of professionalism and performance, often under trying, and always changing, circumstances.

- Michael A. Gormley, Executive Director
Alberta Medical Association

The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.