Executive Director's Report

Michael A. Gormley, Executive Director of the AMA

Download the Reports to the AGM (PDF, 48 pages).

The Alberta Medical Association is committed to a health care system that delivers value to patients, i.e., timely access to quality care. We advance toward this goal through our mission of supporting and advocating for physician leadership and wellness.

Three key areas of focus have been established regarding vision and mission: Financial Health; Well Being; System Leadership and Partnership. Goals are established under each of these areas that specifically address how the AMA aims to serve physicians.

The goals are long-term in nature and their accomplishment typically extends well beyond a single association year (October to September). The activities the AMA intends to undertake toward each goal are laid out at the start of the year in the Business Plan, with actual progress and work, then described in this Report to the Annual General Meeting. This cycle of reporting to members on what we are trying to accomplish, how we are going to attempt to achieve it and what actually has been accomplished is key to the accountability of the AMA back to its members.

The AMA’s success is fundamentally tied to having access to strong physician leadership and a dedicated complement of staff. On both counts, I believe the physicians of Alberta have been very well served. The quality of physician leadership in Alberta is outstanding and is present in our Executive, Board, Representative Forum and committees. AMA staff continue to exceed expectations and I have always been impressed with the energy, competence and loyalty they bring every day.

- Michael A. Gormley, Executive Director
Alberta Medical Association

The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.