Guidelines for Data Sharing in Primary Care

AH, AHS, AMA and the HQCA continue to work together to improve the process for data sharing in primary care in Alberta. Data sharing can:

  • Offer primary care providers an enhanced data set with which to improve patient care
  • Provide an important step towards the primary care goals of attachment and continuity of care for patients.

The partners have recently produced the Guide for Data Sharing Standards in Primary CareData Sharing Standards Companion Document and Data Sharing Standards Frequently Asked Questions. The guide describes the process of data sharing, privacy requirements and various supports available with paneling, data literacy and agreements. This guide represents an important incremental step towards the goals of patient attachment and continuity of care, and supports a culture of data driven continuous improvement.

Templates for the Privacy Agreements referenced in the guide can be found in the Supporting Documentation section of What you need to know about privacy agreements.

For examples of successful data sharing initiatives in primary care, take a look at the presentation from the recent Data Liberation Stories webinar.

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