Upcoming meetings

July 28, 2017

AMA CC Co-Chairs and the income equity working group will be meeting with as many sections and groups as possible in order to present information, answer questions and gather input and feedback on income equity. Below is a list of meetings to date, as well as scheduled upcoming meetings.

Date Attendees
June 16 Meeting (Section of Vascular Surgery)
July 26 Meeting (Central Zone Medical Staff Association)
July 31 External Stakeholder Meeting (Alberta Health)
August 2 Meeting (Section of Diagnostic Imaging)
August 3 Meeting (SGP Executive teleconference)
August 3 Meeting (Section of Dermatology representatives)
August 22 Meeting (Specialty Care Alliance Ad-hoc executive)
August 30 Town Hall Meeting (section presidents, section fees reps and RF delegates)
August 31 Meeting (SGP Executive)
September 14 Meeting (GP Forum)
September 14 Meeting (Specialty Care Forum)
September 15 Meeting (Section of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation AGM)
September 30 Meeting (Section of Orthopedics AGM)


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