Indigenous Health Committee

The Indigenous Health Committee has been established to promote and operationalize the recommendations in the AMA Policy Statement on Indigenous Health. It is an ongoing ad hoc committee of the AMA that reports to the AMA Board of Directors indirectly through the committee’s Senior Management member, Dr. Lyle Mittelsteadt, Assistant Executive Director of Professional Affairs.

The committee includes:

  • Four AMA physician members
    • Minimum of two must be Indigenous physicians (one of whom is designated as Chair) and the remaining physician(s) should have experience working with Indigenous communities.
  • Two non-physician Indigenous public members to provide community, non-medical input
  • Representatives from Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services and Health Canada
  • Other resource members as determined necessary
  • AMA senior staff and support staff


  • To bring together medical and non-medical expertise focused on health status and delivery of health services to Alberta’s Indigenous population and on AMA actions/strategies in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action.
  • Within the framework of the AMA Policy Statement on Indigenous Health, to prioritize strategies and areas for action.
  • To assist with liaison with external groups and communities on issues pertinent to Indigenous health (e.g., Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services, Health Canada, Alberta Health Co-Management Committee, etc.).
  • To provide advice internally to other AMA groups or programs on Indigenous health, cultural aspects and strategies.

Questions and comments

  • Please contact Dr. Lyle Mittelsteadt, Assistant Executive Director (Professional Affairs), AMA, if you have questions or comments regarding the AMA Indigenous Health Policy Statement.
  • Please contact Shannon Rupnarain, Assistant Executive Director, Public Affairs, AMA, if you have questions or comments regarding the public affairs component of the AMA Policy Statement on Indigenous Health or require information regarding the Indigenous Health Committee function and/or membership.

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