Learn more about PCN Evolution (2.0)

Dr. Ann Vaidya, President, AMA Section of General Practice

PCN Evolution is a great opportunity for the AMA along with other stakeholders to lead the charge for improving primary care in Alberta and to create a better health care system.

Learn more about PCN Evolution, where the concept comes from, how we will involve you in the process and about the opportunity areas.

Feedback and comments on PCN Evolution are welcome. Send them to pcnevolution@albertadoctors.org.

What is Primary Care Network (PCN) Evolution (PCN 2.0)?

Why are we proceeding with the evolution of PCNs?

Who is developing the PCN Evolution strategy?

What does the PCN Evolution process involve?

Are there opportunities to begin working on some strategies for PCN Evolution now?

Do physicians have a choice in adopting PCN Evolution changes?

How can physicians learn more about PCN Evolution and provide feedback?

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