Dr. Howard Evans

Dr. Howard Evans

Dr. Howard Evans is a urologist in Edmonton. He joined the AMA's Board of Directors at the Fall 2018 Representative Forum.

What are the benefits of belonging to and working with the AMA?

Knowing that your voice is heard no matter how big or small it is.

Knowing that even the smallest voice when backed by the support of many becomes a thunderous roar, on a simpler level there are many financial and tangible professional supports as well.

The rewards of working with the AMA include the enjoyment of working with driven and like-minded people and also the sense of giving back to a profession that has given so much.

- Dr. Howard Evans

An active AMA member

Dr. Evans joined the AMA as a resident in 1998 then became a full member in 2004. He has been an RF delegate, President and Fees Representative for the Section of Urology and recently finished his service as an executive member of the Specialty Care Alliance.

Favorite AMA memory?

Dr. Evans's favorite AMA memory was running in the Torch Relay in 2010.

On a personal note

"I spend a great deal of time with my wife - who is also a physician - and our four children. Over the last few years I've enjoyed coaching my son's baseball teams and I enjoy biking and running on a daily basis. We are a very active family that enjoys travelling; we like to visit Newfoundland every year so the kids can appreciate their "roots"." - Dr. Evans

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