Dr. Sarah Hall

Dr. Sarah Hall

Dr. Sarah Hall is a pediatrician at the Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary. She joined the AMA's Board of Directors at the Fall 2018 Representative Forum. 




The AMA is a unique organization in that it allows a means for Alberta physicians, such as those at the bedside providing day-to-day care, to affect change within the medical system. The AMA enables us an effective means of advocating for our patients through partnership and collaboration.

(Dr. Sarah Hall)

An active AMA member

Dr. Hall has been a member of the Alberta Medical Association since 2012 and has participated actively in AMA affairs the entire time. She is the Fees Representative for the Section of Pediatrics and has served on its executive. She has been involved with the Allocation Working Group, Fees Advisory Committee, Physician Advocacy Group, Representative Forum Planning Committee, Specialty Care Alliance and the Resolutions Committee. 

Favorite AMA memory?

Dr. Hall first attended the Representative Forum as a stand-in where she heard Mr. David Price present on the tragic story of his son, Greg Price. Greg passed away while trying to navigate a complicated and fragmented medical system. The RF then divided into groups and brainstormed on how to improve the medical system. Such ideas as the patient portal came out of these discussions, and over the following six years, Dr. Hall has seen ideas that were generated at that meeting come to fruition.

On a personal note

"Our busy family juggles the shifts of an emergency physician and a hospital pediatrician with the interests and activities of our three children. When we're not at hockey, gymnastics, music, tennis, or something else, we're off to the mountains to go skiing and enjoying the outdoors together." - Dr. Sarah Hall

The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.