Dr. Vesta Michelle Warren

Dr. Vesta Michelle Warren

Dr. Vesta Michelle Warren is family physician in Sundre, an associate clinical professor in family medicine at the University of Calgary and an assistant clinical professor in family medicine at the University of Alberta.

Dr. Warren is the AMA's immediate past president for 2022-23.

The AMA is the only place that all Alberta physicians can come to work towards a better health care system, and engage with the challenges associated in our profession. In the days of old, the Doctors Lounge was the site of many conversations between physicians but now that has been lost. The AMA has become the new lounge for ALL members. I love the networking, and am learning a lot about the politics of medicine.

- Dr. Vesta Michelle Warren

An active AMA member

Dr. Warren joined the AMA the first year of her residency (1997). She has provided her expertise to the AMA since 2015, when she joined the AMA Representative Forum as a delegate for Central Zone. Her other work with the AMA includes serving on the Nominating and Compensation Committees and, just recently, as Member at Large for the Section of Rural Medicine executive. Dr. Warren is a member of the Family Medicine Taskforce.

Favorite AMA memory?

"My first RF and watching Dr. Rinaldi as speaker - I was in awe and have to admit I laughed at her great sarcastic wit! I was terrified the first time I got up to the mic, as she looked down at me and smiled - all was well. "

The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.