Practitioner advocacy assistance line (PAAL)

New ZMSA-delivered service: PAAL now a link to your ZMSA, not AHS

The confidential Practitioner Advocacy Assistance Line (PAAL) has undergone a major transformation to address concerns that it was not arm’s length from AHS.

Only the toll-free number remains the same. Otherwise, the confidential PAAL line has undergone important changes.  

It is now physicians’ link to zone medical staff associations (ZMSAs) – the physician advocacy organizations that represent AHS medical staff and non-AHS physicians in each of the zones.

Use the confidential PAAL to share your concerns and obtain advice if you encounter challenges advocating for patients or intimidation in your work environment.

  • Calls to 1.866.225.7112 are now answered by Confidence Line, an independent provider of 24/7 confidential reporting lines.
  • Confidence Line notifies the president of the ZMSA in your zone (or an alternate president) who will return your call.
  • For non-confidential matters, feel free to contact your ZMSA president directly.

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