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On February 20, 2020, the Government of Alberta announced that it was cancelling its Master Agreement with the AMA and despite on-going discussions, the Government proceeded with unilateral implementation of a new Physician Funding Framework.

This included the cancellation of PCC. The last meeting was held at the end of January 2020.

As a part of the Physician Funding Framework, the Physician Compensation Advisory Committee (PCAC) was created by the government (with the intent of replacing PCC) to conduct reviews of rates for services under the SOMB and make recommendations to the Minister. A Terms of Reference was provided to the AMA and includes the following highlights:

  • Be accountable to the Minister of Health.
  • Hold all meetings in camera.
  • Conduct reviews of rates under the SOMB.
  • Attempt to make recommendations by consensus and if not possible, allow the Chair make decisions.
  • An independent Chair will be appointed by the Minister and will make written recommendations to the Minister.
  • The Minister makes PCAC appointments but the AMA was asked to submit nominees. The AMA suggested Dr. Melanie Currie and Dr. Jeff Way. A third physician, Dr. Lyle Oberg, was also appointed by the Minister.

Attendance at the PCAC has been limited to AH staff and physicians, while AMA staff have been excluded from the meetings.

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