PCC Update

December 29, 2017

This publication from the Physician Compensation Committee is designed to provide regular updates on the approvals, decisions and accomplishments that take place at that table.


The PCC is pleased to provide an update on the progress of the Physician Overhead Review project and welcomes members from the AMA and Alberta Health Services to the Committee.

Recent Activities

Physician Overhead Review Project

The Physician Overhead Review project is underway. Deloitte has been engaged by Alberta Health and the Alberta Medical Association to lead the project in collaboration with the PCC, Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services and the AMA.

The purpose of this project is to research and estimate physician overhead costs and develop an analytic approach that will provide a better understanding of the various overhead costs across different medical sections, practice types, geographical locations, and practice sizes.

Recent project activities include the completion of the first iteration of the Conceptual Framework that has been reviewed and approved by the PCC.

The objective of the framework is to represent and understand physician business costs and to ensure reasonable and fair compensation between physicians in different practice environments.

The Conceptual Framework will be used to inform a model to measure office costs. It will:

  • Include consideration of physician sections/sub-sections, office size, office location, and geographic area;
  • Focus exclusively on physician-paid overhead costs related to the provision of publicly insured medical services;
  • Differentiate fixed costs from variable costs in the model office; and
  • Differentiate between gross and net expenditures.

Most recently, considerations from the framework consultations were used to design and develop a pilot survey. The pilot survey was distributed to section leaders for a limited release period to capture physician input and feedback. This limited release pilot survey was delivered to a total of 54 physicians on November 29, 2017, and was due back on December 20, 2017.

Deloitte, in collaboration with AH, AHS, and the AMA, will seek the ongoing and timely engagement of physician sections over the next few months. Survey results and section feedback will also be used to inform updates to the framework on an on-going basis.

Upcoming project activities will also include collating and validating survey results and developing an interim report of survey data.

PCC Membership

  • Mr. Christopher Sheard – PCC Chair

Alberta Health

  • Ms. Camille Bailer – Executive Director, Provider Compensation and Strategic Partnerships Branch
  • Mr. Kevin Shortt – Director, Budget and Analytics Unit, Provider Compensation and Strategic Partnerships Branch
  • Mr. Fedja Lazarevic – Director, Insured Services and Compensation Design Unit, Provider Compensation and Strategic Partnerships Branch
  • Ms. Yuliya Khakhuda (Observer) – Manager, Insured Services and Compensation Design Unit, Provider Compensation and Strategic Partnerships Branch

Alberta Health Services

  • Dr. Rowland Nichol – Associate Chief Medical Officer
  • Ms. Thea Leskewich – Executive Director, North Sector and Provincial Clinical Physician Compensation

Alberta Medical Association

  • Dr. Linda Slocombe – Medical Director, Calgary Foothills PCN
  • Dr. Jonathon Choy – Clinical Professor of Medicine, Cardiology; Associate Dean, Clinical Faculty; Medical Director, Echocardiography, Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute; Provincial Medical Director, Clinical Telehealth, Alberta Health Services
  • Mr. Jim Huston – Assistant Executive Director, Health Economics
  • Mr. Allan Florizone (Observer) – Senior Advisor, Policy and Economics

For more information, or to contact PCC, please email PCC@albertadoctors.org.

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