July 16, 2014, PCC Update

July 16, 2014

 This publication from the Physician Compensation Committee is designed to provide regular updates on the approvals, decisions and accomplishments that take place at that table.


Since the last PCC Update, the Committee continues to make progress in the provincial individual fee review.

Recent Activities

Most recently, the PCC working group of dedicated experts has developed the methodology used to create a list of health service codes to be assessed in the provincial fee review. From this exercise, 22 codes have been identified for the review.

View the Fee Review Methodology for a complete overview on the method used to identify codes, a table listing the 22 codes for review, and the limitations and considerations for next steps.

In accordance with the Individual Fee Review Process, the PCC continues to gather input from affected AMA Section representatives to help inform the review process. Meetings are being scheduled throughout the summer for this purpose.


  • For AMA at PCC, contact
    Jim Huston, Assistant Executive Director, Health Economics
    Email: Jim Huston
  • For information about PCC operations, contact Judith Watson
    Email: Judith Watson

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