PCC Update

September 30, 2019

Dear AMA Members,

The Physician Compensation Committee, which last met on September 19, 2019, is pleased to provide an update on progress on the Strategic Requirements identified for April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2020.

Recent Activities

PCC received information on the Physician-on-Call Program. POCP is a Physician Assistance Program under the AMA Agreement, whereby Alberta Health Services receives funding for POCP through a restricted grant from Alberta Health, and has administrative and financial oversight of POCP.

  • Using the processes under the amending AMA agreement, PCC has set the price for the POCP as $93M annually for the second financial term.
  • PCC is aware that AHS will be implementing changes to POCP on October 1, 2019. Details of these changes will be communicated by AHS.

Other activities from the September 19 meeting include

  • PCC received an update on the activities of the Overhead Working Group including Terms of Reference, approach and key milestones.
  • PCC received an update on the membership and reporting for the committee reviewing ARP rate and FTE methodologies.

The PCC will continue to communicate progress on the Strategic Requirements to AMA Members. For questions or further information, please contact Jennifer Hystad at pcc@albertadoctors.org.

PCC Membership
Chair: Dr. David Peachey
Alberta Health: Leann Wagner, Camille Bailer, Ashley Stacewicz
Alberta Health Services: Bill Hondas, Thea Leskewich
Alberta Medical Association: Dr. Jonathan Choy, Dr. Melanie Currie, Jim Huston
Coordinator: Jennifer Hystad

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