Eligibility for Continuing Medical Education


Find out which Alberta Medical Association membersĀ and what expenses are eligible for the CME program.

Who is eligible?

You are eligible for this benefit if you:

  • AreĀ a resident of Alberta (you make your home in and are ordinarily present in Alberta).
  • Are a regulated member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, who holds a permit issued under the Health Professions Act (excluding physicians on the postgraduate register).
  • Are a full member of the AMA or a non-member who has paid an administration fee equal to full membership.
  • Have provided insured medical services whether paid by Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services or any other party; or have provided public health services funded by AHS. Insured medical services includes clinical services provided through an alternate relationship plan or academic medicine health services program.

Eligibility Status Form

If you are not billing on a fee-for-service basis but are still providing insured services or public-health services paid by AHS, print out and complete the Eligibility Status Form:
Complete the Eligibility Status Form

Mail or fax your form to AMA Benefits Administrators

Who is not eligible?

Physicians in the following membership categories do not qualify for the CME reimbursement program:

  • Administrative
  • Resident
  • Retired
  • Under-Graduate
  • Medical Student
  • Non-Resident

If your status changes during the membership year, you may wish to upgrade your fee category to Insured Services or First Year in Practice to potentially qualify for these benefits.

To be eligible for benefits in the next calendar year, you must upgrade your membership by September 30 of the previous year.

What expenses are eligible?

The following expenses are eligible for the CME benefit.

Registration fees

Proof of payment (including course dates, location and description) is required for:

  • Conventions or meetings, including conferences outside Canada, provided there is a recognizable medical education component.
  • Computer-related courses and Internet charges incurred to access CME.
  • Preparation materials for physicians presenting scientific papers.
  • Preparation materials for physicians teaching or otherwise providing CME.
  • Self-assessment programs, literature searches and registration fees for the University of Alberta/University of Calgary Medical Information Service.

College fees

College of Family Physicians of Canada and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada fees are eligible, including:

  • Fees charged by the CFPC or RCPSC for participating in the MAINPRO® or MOC/CPD programs.
  • CFPC and RCPSC membership dues up to the MAINPRO® or MOC/CPD fee amount.

Transportation costs

Copies of receipts are required for:

  • Economy airfare, taxi, rental car and parking.
  • Automobile travel costs at $0.58 per kilometer for out-of-town travel.


Proof of registration or attendance is required for the following:

  • An allowance of up to $270 per day for items like meals and accommodation for out-of-town events. This applies to days attending the CME function and up to two travel days per course.

Overhead costs

An allowance of up to $50 per approved Continuous Professional Development credits earned either through the:

  • College of Family Physicians of Canada MAINPRO® program, or
  • Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons MOC/CPD program.

Computer hardware purchases

(50% of the CME allotments may be used)

Copies of receipts are required for the following expenses:

  • Computer hardware purchases.
  • Digital cameras, handheld computers (e.g., Blackberry, iPad, iPhone), scanners, printers and laptops (reimbursable if used for educational purposes).

Labor/maintenance charges and accessories such as cases are not reimbursable.

Reference materials

Copies of receipts are required for the following expenses:

  • Literature, books, subscriptions (e.g., Up to Date), CDs.

Non-reimbursable expenses

Items not listed above are ineligible for reimbursement.


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