AMA Youth Run Club - Annual Report 2021/2022

September 7, 2022

2021/22 marks the ninth year of the Youth Run Club program and the partnership between Ever Active Schools and the Alberta Medical Association as well as our generous sponsors Alberta Blue Cross and MD Financial Management. The purpose of the project is to increase physical activity in children and youth by providing schools and champions with the needed resources and supports to run a successful run club. This was achieved through the development and implementation of new resources and continued support. This year, our program started to overcome challenges observed with COVID-19 with 203 schools committed to the program and we had 7,511 students participating!

Run Club by the Numbers

  • 203 AMA Youth Run Clubs
  • 7,511 children and youth participants
  • 21 GO! Run Clubs
  • 2 GSA-Only Run Clubs
  • 89 Clubs with high socioeconomic need
  • 38 Junior High /High School Run Clubs
  • 19 Indigenous Run Clubs

Coach Feedback

  • 98% of coaches reported benefiting from participating in the AMA Youth Run Club.
  • 100% of coaches reported that the AMA Youth Run Club helped to engage students that have not been traditionally physically active.
  • 86% of coaches agreed that implementing the AMA Youth Run Club lead to positive changes in student behaviour.

Coach Reported Successes

  • "To see the children be proud of themselves and enjoy exercise and fun as a community"
  • "The number of participants who are interested in improving their health"
  • "Seeing kids who never liked to run, enjoying it now with all the fun games and activities"
  • "Being able to get one of our students in a wheelchair engaged in a program where she feels just as involved everyone else"
  • "Allowing students with disabilities to form new relationships and have fun!"

Fun Run Events

  • 40 Fun Run Events were hosted with over 9,000 participants.
  • Fun runs took place in over 24 different cities, towns and indigenous communities.
  • Our largest fun run had over 1,000 participants.

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