AMA Youth Run Club (YRC)

AMA Youth Run Club

Through the Alberta Medical Association Youth Run Club, a partnership of the AMA and Ever Active Schools, physicians, medical students and residents can meet with the children, teachers and families of your communities to encourage physical activity and healthful living.

COVID-19 Update - Youth Run Club events & activities - CANCELLED

March, 2020

Spring is always the Youth Run Club’s busy season! The snow melts and the school clubs gear up with regular runs and outdoor activities, and many clubs plan season launch events: AMA Youth Run Club Fun Runs.

Unfortunately, with Alberta schools closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this spring is very different. All of the approximately 16 events planned at schools across the province have been cancelled.

Fear not! It’s easy to keep moving, with the AMA Youth Run Club at Home

Never good at sitting still for very long, Ever Active Schools has prepared an at-home resource for clubs to share with their students and parents. The resource features a variety of run club games and activities for one-or-more participants, require no equipment and can be done indoors (in a basement/rumpus room), in the backyard or in the nearest field/school yard.

Look after yourself and your family; have fun!

With physician health and wellbeing of paramount importance, particularly during these COVID-19 times, we’d like to share this activity resource with our members and their families. We hope you’re finding/making the time to get out for runs or walks, and that these at-home activities and games can be used for some much-needed family time.

AMA Youth Run Club at Home

Fun games and activities to try from home

AMA YRC news and events

AMA Youth Run Club prepares for its seventh season

September 11, 2019

Alberta Doctors’ Digest | Vanda Killeen (AMA Public Affairs): Runnin’ and crunchin’ on fall leaves is on the minds of teachers and students in AMA Youth Run Clubs across Alberta, as they gear up for a short-but-sweet fall season.

AMA Youth Run Club hits the ground running

July 10, 2019

Alberta Doctors’ Digest | Vanda Killeen (AMA Public Affairs): The AMA Youth Run Club was all over the map (the Alberta map, that is!) this spring season, but that doesn’t mean we were disorganized. Actually, quite the opposite!

Growing the AMA Youth Run Club’s inclusivity: Your member donations help make it possible

May 16, 2019

Alberta Doctors’ Digest | Vanda Killeen (AMA Public Affairs): With the addition of the AMA Youth Run Club to the charitable donation options on the AMA membership form, generous donations by member physicians are enabling the Youth Run Club to develop an inclusivity strategy.

Helping kids “Put a shoe on it!” Fast Trax Run and Ski Shop

May 15, 2019

Alberta Doctors’ Digest | Vanda Killeen (AMA Public Affairs): For the past two years, Fast Trax Run and Ski Shop has been providing the most foundational of in-kind support to the AMA Youth Run Club with the donation of more than 300 new pairs of running shoes to student members of AMA Youth Run Clubs across the province.

Find your “Joie” de Vivre with the AMA Youth Run Club!

January 31, 2019

Dr. Neil Cooper (AMA President, 2017-18) presented to attendees of Ever Active School’s 10th annual Shaping the Future Conference (January 31 – February 2), in Lake Louise. With his PowerPoint presentation, Dr. Cooper provided a comprehensive overview of the AMA Youth Run Club; the GO! Run Club; and YRC resources, statistics and goals.

Friends + exercise + fresh air = AMA Youth Run Club: 2nd annual Live Active Community Fun Run

January 16, 2019

Alberta Doctors’ Digest | Vanda Killeen (AMA Public Affairs): On October 20, close to 50 Edmonton and area elementary school children, parents, siblings, coaches and teachers attended the second Live Active Community Fun Run, hosted by the AMA Youth Run Club at Hawrelak Park.

Health advocacy opportunities: Be an AMA Youth Run Club CHAMPion

You don’t need to be a runner to get involved with the YRC. You can also get into a school and connect with children, teachers and your community by giving a health advocacy talk.

Click here to get involved with the AMA YRC.

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