Growing the AMA Youth Run Club’s inclusivity: Your member donations help make it possible

Alberta Doctors' Digest

May 16, 2019

The AMA Youth Run Club’s desire and mission has always been to be an inclusive school-based club that welcomes and supports children and youth of all intellectual and physical abilities in big and small, rural and urban schools and communities across the province. The club provides children and youth with a healthy, fun outlet for physical activity so they can receive its good-for-the-soul-and-mind benefits.

To date, funding and budget restrictions have limited the YRC’s ability to develop and provide the types of adapted physical activities (and related instruction and/or equipment) required by children who are unable to participate in the running, walking, jumping or other physical activities that have comprised typical YRC activities.

Removing barriers with adapted physical activity

With the addition of the AMA Youth Run Club to the charitable donation options on the AMA membership form, generous donations by member physicians (totalling approximately $18,000 as of April) are enabling the Youth Run Club to develop an inclusivity strategy.

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