Helping kids “Put a shoe on it!” Fast Trax Run and Ski Shop

Alberta Doctors' Digest

May 15, 2019

For the past two years, Fast Trax Run and Ski Shop – a valued friend(s) of the AMA Youth Run Club sponsor – has been providing the most foundational of in-kind support to the AMA Youth Run Club with the donation of more than 300 new pairs of running shoes to student members of AMA Youth Run Clubs across the province.

“Fast Trax Run and Ski Shop is an amazing community business and friend of ours,” says Brian Torrance, Ever Active Schools Director. “We connected with them a couple of years ago in support of the AMA Youth Run Club, and they’ve been a most supportive partner.”

“The students in our Youth Run Clubs want to run and be physically active,” Brian continues, “and at times, shoes and equipment are a barrier. As testimony to the good spirit of the participants, some have worn sandals and boots, so when Fast Trax offered to donate new running shoes, we jumped at it!” he adds.

After receiving a shipment of athletic footwear from Fast Trax, Ever Active Schools contacts registered AMA Youth Run Clubs to let them know of the availability of the shoes and to request notification of need.

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