Dr. Fozia Alvi

Dr. Fozia Alvi, family medicine

Growing up in Pakistan, Dr. Fozia Alvi, an Airdrie-based family physician, was keenly aware of the hardships created by limited access to medical care. “It was a very poor country and where we lived there was not much in the way of care.” She watched her only brother struggle with schizophrenia and saw how devastating it was for her entire family. “I knew then that I would go into medicine and that I would work to help those most in need.”

Building essential facilities

Dr. Alvi has made good on that promise throughout her medical career, with frequent trips to third-world countries. On one of many projects, Dr. Alvi and her husband “spent time in Kenya, in an area so remote there were no roads, helping to build a school for girls.”

In recent years, Dr. Alvi has spearheaded several initiatives, including the building of a women and children’s hospital in Talagang, Pakistan. “Infant mortality in Punjab is amongst the highest in the world, and pregnant women in the region had almost no access to medical care – there was nothing for hundreds of miles. We originally set out to build a small maternal care unit, and it grew from there to become a 60-bed hospital with a neonatal intensive care unit.”

Opened in December 2017, Iman Hospital has already had a dramatic impact on the lives of people in the community, with more than 20,000 patients treated and over 450 babies born in the first year. Dr. Alvi returns annually to work alongside the physicians at the hospital and to discuss their needs. In the coming years, she hopes to add a trauma centre and expand the scope of specialties available at the hospital.

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