Talking turkey about hunger

December 6, 2013

L to R: Sean Sweeney, Efw radiology, and Dr. Houman Mahalatti, Efw managing partner

Calgary radiologist Dr. Houman Mahallati challenges the medical community to help feed Calgarians in need, with EFW Radiology’s first annual Turkey Round-Up.

Even on a -21°C day, dressed as a turkey, it’s been heartwarming to see the response...It speaks not only to the generosity of the medical community, but of all Albertans and really shows how much we care for each other.

If you’ve recently noticed a large turkey hanging out in physician waiting rooms or walking hospital hallways, you’ve seen for yourself how dedicated EFW Radiology is to fighting hunger this holiday season.

That turkey was likely Dr. Houman Mahallati, who has donned the turkey suit as part of EFW’s first annual Turkey Round-Up in support of the Calgary Food Bank. And he’s hoping it inspires you to give generously.

“We set out to challenge Calgary’s medical community to come together and raise $50,000 as part of the CBC Calgary Food Bank Drive.”

turkeyHe explains that without help, many families will be forced to visit a shelter or a church in order to enjoy a holiday meal. “I’m a parent too, and I know how important it is to be able to be together in your own home.”

Dr. Mahallati and his colleagues were moved to launch the campaign after learning about the growing need in Calgary. “It’s been a hard year for Calgary, with the flooding and its aftermath, so not only is the need greater, but resources are depleted.”

EFW got the campaign rolling with a donation of $10,000, which means they need the Calgary medical community to raise another $40,000 to meet their goal. “There are approximately 4000 medical professionals in the Calgary region, and if everyone donated just $10 we’d reach our goal.”

In an effort to raise awareness, Dr. Mahallati and Sean Sweeney – EFW’s physician liaison – donned turkey suits to visit many of the PCN and physician offices that they work with.

The response has been astounding. “I’ve had office staff handing me cash and saying they don’t care about the tax receipt they just want to help.” He even had one patient who overheard the conversation with staff ask to take postcards with her, to share at her husband’s office.

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