Message re wildfires from AMA

May 12, 2023


A few cooler days of showers helped to douse some fires and that is good news. Many members and Albertans are still out of their homes or on evacuation alert. As hot weather returns, we’re sending thanks and good thoughts to the firefighters, communities and volunteers who continue to contribute amazingly to the response.

To our members, we say again that our thoughts are with you. We’ll keep compiling information here. If you have suggestions for how we could assist, email with the subject line: Wildfire.

  • The Physician and Family Support Program is standing by 24/7 if you need assistance 1-877-SOS-4MDS (767-4637)
  • Government of Alberta wildfire status, information and resources are available including the assistance line 310-4455 and details on emergency evacuation payments in eligible communities.
  • AHS will continue to provide resources and updates via: Wildfire Resources (inc. Mental Health, Emergency Planning, and Air Quality): When we contacted them to see if we could assist with communication, they provided the following message:

We at AHS are extremely grateful for our frontline physicians, staff and volunteers who have come together to support the wildfire response and especially those whose families have been evacuated. We continue to work closely with our municipal and provincial partners, and continue to monitor the wildfire and plan our ongoing response.

AHS has response plans in place if additional communities, AHS facilities, patients and families across the province are affected by the wildfires occurring in Alberta. We have stood up an Emergency Command Centre and Zone Emergency Operations Centres to help support this planning.

We hope you are taking care of yourself during this time. We know each person will be impacted differently and want to ensure you have what you need to feel safe and supported. We encourage you to reach out to PFSP for options and support.


We hope that no one will be on evacuation for an extended period. We will update this website with information to assist members. Today we have a weblink for members who deal with our endorsed service provider, Westland, for medical office policies and business income loss coverage. Please see below.

Dear Members in North, Central and Edmonton Zones,

I’m writing during this wildfire state of emergency to let you know that your colleagues in the AMA are thinking of you. Some of you have been evacuated. Others will be working to take on displaced patients in safer communities. Whatever your situation, we join you in hopes that this new crisis will not last long and that you, your patients and neighbors can return home soon.

Below you will find some information that we have compiled for physicians in past serious wildfire events. I hope that it is helpful to have it here.

You are in our thoughts.

fred Rinaldi, MD, CCFP, FCFP, LLB, MBA, MPA(HSA), BCom
President, Alberta Medical Association

Resources for AMA members

  • Physician and Family Support Program: 24/7 confidential assistance line 1-877-SOS-4MDS (767-4637)
  • TD Insurance Home and Auto: TD’s catastrophe claims department has begun contacting clients who are under the evacuation order and will continue to do so through the weekend. To access the 24/7 claims department call: 1-877-855-3767
  • Westland Insurance:
    • AMA endorses insurance for business interruption and office/clinic losses through Westland Insurance. Members needing information can call 1-844-999-7687. For details on what to do if you need to report a claim
    • The medical office policies provide coverage under the business income section for up to 30 days if the office is forced to evacuate. We have detailed information on what to do if you need to report a claim and share the link constantly with our insureds. The link is

AHS wildfire resources

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