Have you checked out the CMA Physician Wellness Hub?

October 9, 2020

The CMA Physician Wellness Hub is a national online database filled with physician wellness content directly from CMA and other trusted sources. Check it out now.

What does the CMA Physician Wellness Hub offer?

  • Articles, studies, videos and podcasts for physicians, residents and medical students seeking guidance and wellness self-help.
  • Material for leaders in hospitals and clinics to help build, improve upon and measure the impact of their in-house wellness programs.
  • A virtual community forum, 'Wellness Connection,' where physicians and learners can connect with others interested in wellness.

The Hub aims to improve physician wellness individually as well as at the system level, and to promote a collaborative approach to physician health and well-being. The Physician and Family Support Program, along with all provincial and territorial medical associations, is proud to have worked with the CMA and pleased to be part of a movement toward national equity for Canadian physicians with respect to physician health services and resources.

With two complementary physician health resources available to Alberta’s physicians, it’s more important than ever to know when it makes sense to access PFSP and when to access the CMA’s Physician Wellness Hub so you can confidently connect with the right resource. While the CMA Wellness Hub includes a physician support line, Alberta’s physicians will continue to access the PFSP Assistance Line. Every caller has the opportunity to talk with a physician peer and when appropriate the PFSP’s service provider will match you to a therapist with expertise in your particular concern. Call PFSP 24/7/365 toll-free at 1.877.767.4637.

PFSP provides physicians, residents and medical students in Alberta, confidential support and help from colleagues who understand the issues and working conditions that impact physician health.

The Physician and Family Support Program is part of the physician benefits program operated by the Alberta Medical Association.

The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.