Are you interested in improving symptom management for cirrhosis care in Alberta?

November 17, 2020

About the study

Enhancing Alberta Primary Care Research Networks (EnACt), led by Dr. Lee Green, is conducting a qualitative research study seeking to understand the thinking and decision-making processes that take place when primary care physicians manage the symptoms of patients living with cirrhosis.

In a recent study, EnACt identified the following challenges to providing quality care for those living with cirrhosis:

  • infrequency of seeing people living with cirrhosis (for family physicians); and
  • insufficient role clarity in terms of who should be providing what care and when (for primary and specialty care physicians).

EnACt would like to examine this on a deeper level, specifically in managing symptoms for patients living with liver disease. This knowledge will contribute to an understanding of the integration of roles and principles in cirrhosis symptom management across the trajectory of the illness.

Your involvement

EnACt would like to interview primary care physicians in a one-hour virtual (e.g., Zoom or telephone) interview to know more about their role and thinking within the process of symptom management in cirrhosis care. You may also be invited to participate in a walk-through of the Cirrhosis Care Alberta website, which will take 45 minutes of your time, be arranged at a time of your choice and take place through Zoom. You will also be required to fill out a brief demographics questionnaire; taking less than five minutes. Honorariums will be offered for your time.


To ensure balanced geographical representation, EnACT is specifically seeking to interview physicians from Edmonton and Northern Alberta.

Please contact Lynn Toon at for more information.

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