Influenza Immunization Program newsletter - November 2018

Influenza Immunization Program Update

December 12, 2018

Published by the AHS Province Wide Immunization Program Team

The Influenza Immunization Program for 2018-2019 is well underway. As of November 10, 2018, 860,376 doses of influenza vaccine have been administered in Alberta. Thank you for your support of the Alberta Influenza Immunization Program.

Influenza data for the 2018-2019 season is reported on a weekly basis. Data includes: number of doses of influenza vaccine administered by provider type across the province, number of laboratory confirmed cases of influenza, number of Albertans hospitalized with influenza disease and number of Albertans deceased who had lab confirmed influenza. Community providers can find this information on the Alberta Health Services website.

As of November 24, 2018:

  • Alberta Health Services Public Health has provided 259,122 doses.
  • Community Pharmacists have provided 592,177 doses

Other Providers (which include Alberta Health Services Non–Public Health sites, Long Term Care sites, Community Physicians, Alberta Health Services Workplace Health and Safety, Covenant Health Occupational Health and Safety and First Nation Inuit Health Branch) have provided 147,543 doses.

Influenza Immunization Recommendation for Adult and Pediatric Patients Undergoing Cancer Treatment

For information on the best time to immunize patients undergoing cancer treatment see the updated guidelines.

2018-2019 Influenza Program Reporting

AHS must account to AH for all doses of influenza vaccine distributed to immunizing partners and report on vaccine utilization and immunization rates. All immunizing partners, in turn must provide accurate accounting of doses administered using forms provided by their AHS Zone Contact. Doses must be accounted for before additional vaccine will be sent.

Report forms accounting for number of influenza doses administered, wasted and on hand will be due to your Zone Contact on a monthly basis.

  • Zone specific reporting forms are posted on the AHS website.
  • Community providers will have the option of submitting the reporting form via email or fax to their Zone Contact.
  • Monthly reporting due dates will be indicated on the zone specific report form.

Zone Contacts



  • Jennifer Beaudry
    T: 780.342.0230
    F: 780.342.0248


  • Wendy Malo
    T: 403.356.6409
    F: 403.356.6332


  • Christine Sikora
    T: 403.955.6750
    F: 403.955.6755


  • Public Health Nursing Team
    T: 403.388.6684
    F: 403.380.2893

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