AHS Immunization of Workers for COVID-19 Policy

Completed 'Got My COVID-19 Immunization Form' due October 16; full immunization required by October 31.

October 5, 2021

A message from Alberta Health Services

The Immunization of Workers for COVID-19 Policy requires all employees, medical and midwifery staff, students, volunteers and contracted health care providers to be fully immunized for COVID-19 by October 31, 2021. The policy applies to the workforce broadly, including AHS medical staff with privileges in AHS facilities and programs, and AHS midwifery staff. 

So far more than 5,100 AHS staff have submitted documentation required under the policy, but AHS wants 100% of its approximately 8,700 Medical Staff to comply. 

Staff have until October 16 to complete their Got My COVID-19 Immunization Form.

By submitting the reporting form, you are notifying WHS of your immunization status and providing a method to verify your record. If you can’t fill in the online form (e.g., maybe you don’t have an Alberta PHN), you can also manually email your vaccination records to COVID19immunization@ahs.ca. If you do this from your AHS email address, it will automatically be encrypted. Please include a copy of your vaccination documentation as well as your CPSA, ADAC or CPPA registration number.

There is also the option to submit a copy of your immunization records by using these instructions found on Insite. Please use your AHS email when submitting to ensure secure transmission of immunization records.

If you submitted the form before the policy was announced on September 14, you are required to re-submit and provide consent to verify your proof of immunization. 

Exception request under the policy

Any AHS member of the medical or midwifery staff who is unable to be immunized due to a medical reason may request an exception to this policy and should do so no later than October 16. Medical or Midwifery Staff exception requests are made using the exception request form and submitted to md.midwife.covidvacc@ahs.ca. If you happen also be an AHS or APL employee, please see #17 the FAQs.

The lack of immunization may affect the safe exercise of their Clinical Privileges as described in the Medical Staff Bylaws and Rules (Rule, or may directly impact their ability to practice and patient safety in the Midwifery Staff Bylaws and Rules (Rule 3.3.4), as applicable.


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