AMA President-Elect 2022-23: Call for Nominations

March 22, 2022

The Call for Nominations period for the 2022-23 president-elect is open. Nominations are due by 9 am, Thursday, April 21.

The AMA Bylaws allow for an election if other president-elect candidates step forward. If other nominations are received, an election will be held.

The 2022-23 president-elect term begins at the adjournment of the Fall Annual General Meeting.

For information of the membership

Dr. Paul Parks is the nominee for the position of the 2022-23 AMA president-elect of the Alberta Medical Association, selected at the February 25 meeting of the AMA Nominating Committee.

Dr. Parks is an Emergency Physician, Trauma Team Leader and Emergency Department Chief out of Medicine Hat, Alberta. He is the current President of AMA’s Section of Emergency Medicine and has been continually active in the section executive overall since 2007. He graduated from Queen’s University and completed his residency at the University of Alberta in Emergency Medicine.

Over the past fifteen plus years with the AMA, Dr. Parks has served on a variety of committees, such as the WCB Negotiating Committee, Information Management/Information Technology Coordinating Committee and Task Force, Nominating Committee, Joint AMA/CPSA Executive, Physician Advocacy Group, Government Affairs Committee and has served multiple times on the Representative Forum. He served two terms on the AMA Board (2012-2015; 2015-2018) and and was elected twice as a Board representative to the Executive Committee (2013-2014; 2015-2016). His interests are in Health Care Advocacy and Clinical Education.

The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.