Are you interested in improving cirrhosis care in Alberta?

September 3, 2019

About our study

Enhancing Alberta Primary Care Research Networks (EnACt), led by Dr. Lee Green, is conducting a qualitative research study seeking to understand the thinking and decision-making processes that take place when physicians care for and coordinate the care of patients living with cirrhosis. This work will inform a larger multi-component quality improvement initiative, the Cirrhosis Care Alberta Program (CCAB), which aims to improve quality care, reduce acute care utilization and be satisfactory to both patients and providers by providing best practice support in the areas of: evidence-based management of cirrhosis; alcohol support; frailty; advanced care planning; home-hospital-home transitions; and on-demand out-patient assessment.

Your involvement

We would like to interview primary and specialty care physicians to know more about their role and thinking within the process of cirrhosis care. This would take one hour, at a location and time of your choice. Honorariums will be offered for your time. We may also invite you to participate in a focus group.

Please contact Lynn Toon for more information.

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